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Lashing chain
PowerLash with Dyneema®

Made of high-tech webbing material Dyneema® 

Unique advantages

It can be used as a lashing chain and saves up to 85% weight (in comparison to a 1/2" grade 80 chain).

This makes using the chain a lot easier and enables the handling of longer lashing chains with e.g. 65 ft. usable length.

The flexible textile chain-links can be connected with nearly every high-tensile chain component. In order to shorten the chain a standard high-tensile shackle is sufficient.

This chain is produced in cooperation with DSM and is suitable for heavy use since it is extremely resistant against abrasion, chemicals and seawater.

All benefits at a glance

Abrasion resistant

Resistant to chemicals

85% less weight than a comparable steel chain

Reduced noise


Protects the load

Simple and secure handling

While using as a lashing chain it can be easily thrown over the load or guided around without damaging it.

Prevents the load from damage and is essentially lighter and therefore faster in handling. 

Additionally the textile chain can be shortened very quickly since all hooks of the tensioning device can be attached directly to the flexible chain-links.

Makes working safer and reduces the risk of injury while handling the lashing chain.

The PowerLash with Dyneema® Modular System

PowerLash with Dyneema® lashing chain is offered as a modular system. This allows it to be configured flexibly for the respective purpose of use.

The customer selects the chain length (strands in lengths of 13 and 26 ft. are standard), the number of hooks and tensioner elements required and, if necessary, additional shackles for the connection or shortening of chain strands.

Textile chain

Tensioner element



The textile chain in action