A lashing strap with a difference

Typically lashing straps are used to tie down and secure cargo. But sometimes unconventional ways also lead to a goal.

Creativity in maintenance

One of our customers for example got creative to find a simple and effective securing measure for the maintenance of forklift trucks. In the process their protective hoods have to be held up. In the past this led to problems. In the lead role in this solution: a lashing strap. Previously the protective hood had only been “supported” with wooden beams – a very error-prone design as the beams tipped away even when touched lightly and could no longer hold the hood in place. The result was bruising and other injuries to the employees’ hands.

The magic word is “flexible

The customer’s occupational safety department therefore had to quickly develop a flexible and robust solution. The safety officers took 2,000 daN lashing straps attached their S-hooks to the protective hood passed the 35 mm webbing once over the roof of the vehicle – and perfect strapping was ready just like for load securing. Because the ratchet allows the strap length to be flexibly adjusted this solution can also be used with forklift protective hoods of different sizes. A lashing strap with a difference but used very cleverly!