Hardly anyone does that!

Visit to the BlackSeries production facility

To lift large weights, you need huge lifting equipment? Wrong! You can also save space and at the same time lift extremely powerfully with various manual hoists, for example with lever chain hoists or block and tackle hoists. Our products from the BlackSeries range for “hand-operated cranes” (also called manual hoists) are manufactured according to DIN EN 13157 and your individual specifications. According to your requirements we can, for example, adjust the stroke length. For pulley blocks (from 500 kg and lever hoists from 750 kg), the slipping clutch is set between 140 and 180% of the rated capacity. We then test the hoists with at least 25% overload and issue a corresponding 3.1 acceptance test certificate. We are proud to say that hardly any other manufacturer in Germany does this!

So much for product quality. But who at Dolezych manufactures the products? Who are the people behind the product?

They describe themselves as “best buddies” – when asked what makes their work so special, both faces brighten up and they reflexively point at each other. The teamwork hand in hand is what they look forward to every day: “Above all, we are both a team – that makes every day a joy!

Always in the team

In this case, it’s Ahmet Avcioglu and Martin Labisch. The two have been working in BlackSeries production since 2017 and are perfectly matched. Mainly assembling Martin  Labisch, a trained specialist in warehouse logistics, and Ahmet Avcioglu, a trained lathe operator, assemble the BlackSeries manual hoists. In addition, the team repairs everything related to the hand hoists, of course also third-party products. Many spare parts for the most popular brands are immediately available from stock and can be installed at short notice.

Family and football

The common ground does not end at work. Both have sons almost the same age, and both love soccer. As a “Dortmund boy,” Martin is naturally a BVB fan; Ahmet keeps his fingers crossed for his hometown club Beşiktaş Istanbul. But he is also interested in the Bundesliga and BVB.

Dream team with responsibility

Both do their responsible work inconspicuously in the background. It’s impressive how they work together to prepare the sometimes enormously large lifting equipment for the customer. In doing so, they always have the user’s safety in mind – the checks are taken very seriously and are carried out according to the dual control principle. Martin Labisch and Ahmet Avcioglu are noticeably proud of their work.  It fascinates them every day anew that such weighty loads can be lifted with so little effort. Making heavy things look light – that works best as a team!

For those who want to know exactly

  • With the BlackSeries lever hoists you can lift loads between 250 kg and 9 t.
  • The BlackSeries block and tackle is available for loads between 500 kg and 15 t (up to 50 t on request).
  • You determine and order the hoist length according to your needs – this is one of the advantages of our assembly service for you in Dortmund.
  • According to DGUV regulation 54, lever and pulley blocks must be subjected to a visual and functional test at least once a year. The Dolezych testing service will be happy to test at your site or also in our own testing laboratory.