Platinum wedding in the harbor

For 70 years Dolezych has been at home at Dortmund port

More than 20 kilometers of track were laid, the cost to the state was 6.43 million Reichsmarks and the German Emperor Wilhelm II was present at the inauguration ceremony on August 11, 1899: The port has always been a project with supraregional appeal.

A good 35 years after the inauguration of the port, Franz Dolezych founds the nucleus of our present Dolezych GmbH & Co. KG, the “Westdeutsche Drahtseilverkaufsgesellschaft mbH” at Braunschweiger Straße 127 in Dortmund Asseln. The company grows in the following to 12 employees and a turnover of over 350,000 Reichsmark. With the further development, despite the difficult post-war years it becomes too cramped at the original company headquarters.

Franz Dolezych believes in the economic power of the port and relocated his headquarters in 1951 to today’s to what is now Hartmannstrasse (then still Sunderweg). The perfect location to be able to ship goods, whether by water or by land, to destinations all over the world.

Dream team in Dortmund

Both the port and Dolezych continue to grow. Today, the original “water station of the coal and steel industry” is Europe’s largest canal port, an urban logistics center and industrial area. Dolezych provides secure jobs for around 230 employees in Dortmund. Our headquarter is continuously modernized and expanded.

In short, Dortmunder Hafen AG and Dolezych are a dream team. Managing Director Karl-Heinz Keisewitt is also active in the Dortmunder Hafenanlieger e.V. association, since 2016 as chairman. He sees the perfect location as one of the secrets of success: “The port of Dortmund is the largest contiguous commercial area on Dortmund’s surface. We like being here because the port is the perfect logistical hub in the heart of Europe. From here we can reach all relevant European destinations in 24 to 48 hours at the most.”

On the occasion of the official congratulations of the anniversary, Uwe Büscher, member of the Executive Board of Dortmunder Hafen AG, confirmed the close connection: “The bond that connects the port of Dortmund and Dolezych is equivalent to a tear-proof tiedown strap from your company. We look forward to the next decades of prosperous cooperation!”