User Story DoNova® Interview with Mr. Beckert, Rohrleitungsbau Fritz Heidel OHG

Michael Beckert is the site manager at Fritz Heidel OHG in Glött in Bavarian Swabia. Since March 2020, he has been using our DoNova® PowerLash textile chain and the DoRa ratchet load binder optimized for the DoNova®.

Time enough to put our patented textile chain made of the high-performance fiber Dyneema® to the test.

We are pleased that Mr. Beckert took the time for an interview with us and shared his experiences with the DoNova® PowerLash.

Pictures © Rohrleitungsbau Fritz Heidel OHG

Mr. Beckert, how long have you been using the DoNova® in your company? Are you satisfied with the product?

We are very satisfied. We were looking for an alternative to heavy steel chains. I had heard the term “Dyneema chains” for the first time at a trade show. Your field service manager, Mr. Längle, then informed us that the DoNova® was part of your standard product range.

Is the DoNova® fixed on a vehicle or is it in use in various situations?

We decided to give the chain a try.  So, we have been using it since March 2020. Normally, we have the textile chain for the heavy lumps on our large low-loader. Of course, there are exceptions.

Are there other advantages besides the significantly reduced weight?

Ultimately, the focus was that we wanted to give our employees some relief. When the truck driver is alone, he really starts to sweat when he has to handle steel chains and hooks. Then he has to lash them down – that’s all quite strenuous. With the much lighter DoNova®, this is considerably more easy.

Load securing is also faster with the textile chain. For example, the DoNova® can be easily shortened using the chain links with hooks. If you have a steel chain there, you always have more difficulties with a chain shortener.

Is there any feedback from colleagues?

Yes, they are happy too. Colleagues say it all fits.

You were kind enough to provide us with pictures as well.

In these pictures you can see how a water shaft is secured for a larger water pipeline. The water pipes are connected in the shafts. Additionally, there are still tapping points and vent lines.

Pictures © Rohrleitungsbau Fritz Heidel OHG

Was that a particularly difficult challenge?

The dimensions were special. But the weight of the water shaft is similar to that of a large construction machine. The shaft weighs about 20 tons. Our large crawler excavator is about 22 tons.

Mr. Beckert, normally where there is shadow, there is light. Have you or your colleagues been able to discover any disadvantages of the DoNova®?

Not really. We were told that the only thing to avoid is dragging the DoNova® on the ground behind you. The fibers could break. That’s what we’ve instructed our employees to do.

When I look at the chains now, after 2 years: They are no longer as nice and light gray as they looked when they were delivered. They have had their 2 years on the building site since then. They have become a bit darker. But otherwise they still look really good.

Our biggest fear was that the chains quickly splice or that the fibers would hang down, so you have to throw them away quickly. But that has not been confirmed. They can really take a beating.

Would you recommend the DoNova® to others?

Unreservedly yes! We have already ordered new chains with your new DoRa ratchet tensioners, which are already in stock here. We will probably also equip the small low-loader with them.

Mr. Beckert, thank you very much for your time and the interview!