Dolezych’s philosophy

Udo and Tim Dolezych

We make the world safer and easier.

Our passion is safe lifting and transporting – and we are constantly reinventing that. Protecting human life and the environment is our top priority.

As a globally active family-owned company we remain true to our Dortmund roots: with our business partners and employees we maintain open, sincere and direct contact – always with a smile – and see ourselves as a competent contact, listener and caretaker. Practical solutions and the benefit for our customers are our focus.

We want to constantly improve ourselves, our wide, innovative range of quality products and services and our modern production facilities. We also lead the way in the (further) development of norms and standards. In this way we ensure that our products are easy and intuitive to use and that our customers’ processes are effective and efficient – worldwide!

Dolezych – new solutions every day.