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Doleco presents Layerlok by Loadlok

LAYERLOK – The Ultimate Double-Decking and Payload-Maximizing Solution

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Welcome to DOLECO USA,

a new company with strong roots and a strong reputation. The newest company in the 85 years old Dolezych global family of businesses. A unique company focused on supplying the very best value with a German eye on quality, and manufacturing centers globally based to provide the best cost. Founded on the principal of being able to provide the fullest offering of products to serve the lifting and load securing industries. Doleco USA is dedicated to providing not only the widest array of products including wire rope assemblies, web and chain slings, as well as all types of load securement, but Doleco USA can provide the engineered solutions to all of your lifting and securement application needs.

Quality engineering, quality people, low cost production facilities around the world – Doleco USA.

You’ll find the very latest information, the widest array of products and lots of ways to get in touch with us.


Ralph Abato

President / Managing Director