ConnectedDeck System by Doleco USA

Exponential Efficiency, Convenience and Savings

Doleco’s new ConnectedDeck System is based on the design of its award-winning Level Deck Self-Leveling Decking Beam and LayerLok XP Track. Fitted with its ultralightweight, composite decking platform, the revolutionary ConnectedDeck design enables workers to swiftly and effortlessly deploy and adjust an entirely decked, ready-to-load, two- or three-beamed cargo platform within seconds.
Locked at ceiling height when not in use, the whole unitized platform can be released with a common dock hook or fifth-wheel pin puller. No system-specific tool is needed, eliminating the problem of missing or misplaced beam release tools. After just one side of the ConnectedDeck is unlocked with a single pull, the entire spring-assisted, self-leveling platform is freed and can easily be manipulated by hand, moved to its desired height and locked into position.
“Conservative calculations suggest that all things being equal, a fleet with 1,000 trailers will save $15.8 million per year by simply converting to Doleco’s ConnectedDeck System,” said Ralph Abato, president and managing director of Doleco USA. “Time is a critical factor for LTL carriers in particular, so bad weather, freight volume fluctuations and manpower variations can mean trouble. Time savings of this magnitude can make a fleet more resilient to those other variables, and since the majority of LTL fleets already use some form of captive decking system, the cost of such a system is already baked into their economic cake.”

A Breakthrough in Process Improvement