An innovation based on the well-proven DoMulti long lever ratchets. The easy and safe way to avoid accidents that can be caused by instable, sliding, and tilting loads when opening the lashing devices. The first step loosens the webbing without loosening the lashing devices, maintaining load security. The second step opens the lashing devices and allows removal of the load once safety has been ensured.

  • Width 2”
  • WLL 5,511 lbs / 2,500 kg
  • Zinc plated long handle ratchet with lever safety
  • Four cog wheels
  • Pre-stretched polyester fabric
  • low elongation
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Zinc plated hooks


Two-piece lashing strap with 2x Profile Hook  

Weight: 9.41 lbs./4.27kgs. 9.7 lbs./4.4 kgs.
Length: 27 ft 30 ft
Part No.: 2650 5434-27 2650 5434-30


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