Faster lashing saves time Frequent loading and unloading operations often mean to the driver time-consuming feeding the webbing into the ratchet, tightening, loosening, unloading and possibly removing the webbing from the ratchet.

With the new Doleco USA Ratchet you are saving valuable time when lashing:

The strap is inserted through a side gate directly into the spool, which eliminates the time-consuming threading process of webbing into the ratchet.

Your Benefits:

  • Up to 40% faster lashing!
  • Simplified Handling



Download the PDF-Document

Download the ratchet-step-animation      

1. Closed RatchetQuick-Release-Ratchet-1

  In closed ratchet the side gate is locked





2. Open Ratchet, release lockQuick release ratched 2

By opening the ratchet (bringing the manual lever in the release position) the locking mechanism disengages and the side gate can be opened  




3. Insert WebbingQuick release ratched 3

The webbing can easily be loaded sideways into the spool.  





4. Close Side gateQuick release ratched 4

After the webbing is inserted, the side gate must be closed again.    





5. Lock side panel with ratchetQuick release ratched 5

By closing the hand lever, the side gate is locked and the ratchet is ready to use.