Simply safe, simply easy – DoNova® PowerLash

The perfect application for the DoNova® PowerLash! The company Bolk Transporte from the Netherlands is faced with the challenge of transporting four huge storage tanks, each 38 yards in diameter and almost 22 yards long, from Germany to Luxembourg.

The task list is long: To ensure that the XXL transport can master sharp curves and traffic circles, individual roads are closed and temporary parking bans are imposed in view of the special dimensions. Cafés and restaurants have to relocate their patios and outdoor seating, and the rest of the traffic is temporarily diverted. The transport company is using special low-loading vehicles, known as tank gantry cranes, to be able to pass under bridges on the way to the port.

The huge stainless steel tanks are secured with our DoNova® PowerLash textile chain. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the valuable cargo is well secured: The chain made of the high-performance fiber Dyneema® is as light as a feather, but secures the storage tanks, which weigh several tons, in a very strong manner.

We are pleased to be able to make the world of transport simply safer with our textile chain: Easy and back-friendly work when securing loads thanks to the chain’s low weight and guaranteed safety for the load thanks to certification and strict testing.

If you also want to secure your load simply and easily, contact us. Together we will find the best solution.